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Our  Approach

We are a service oriented company offering professional ideas for interior decoration. We also provide a full range of service varying from space planning, conceptual design, site supervision and coordination with project management. According to the needs of our customers, we, with all our capacity, tailor-made them comfortable, beautiful and practical homes or working environment.


Not only the appearance, we emphasize the entire of work, especially the quality. We are confident that, with our aggressive and professional attitude, the project will be undertaken smoothly in order to meet the requirement of our customers. Our company will also provide our customers with a number of supports such as process schedule, the design side, renovation guidelines, so that customers can come to the right interior design services.

What We Do


 We will follow clients’ tastes, lifestyle, needs and budget to create a comprehensive design. Our design services include providing professional measurement, space planning, floor plans, computer 3D models and 3D renderings.


We will provide Quantity Surveying Service who will doing cost planning and control from design stage to construction stage. To achieve your budget, we will provide a quotation with detailed breakdown and estimates for each variations. The customers can make their own decision to manage the costings. We will friendly remind you if the costs closed to your targeted line.


For each new constructing or renovating projects, designers will be in charge of arranging and managing. We will also provide all the necessary documents for the construction phase of your project, including floor plans, drawings, diagrams and schedules. Our design team and construction team will ensure every single project in the high quality

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